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Events and Team Roles

Typically the entry team role is as a ground crew member. After a bit of experience take on a role as a activity co-ordinator (typically 12 to 18 participants, 1 pilot, 1 aircraft, 2 ground crew, 1 presenter), then an Award Scheme Day coordinator (typically 48 participants, 3 pilots, 3 aircraft, 5 ground crew, 2 presenter).

We typically have one event most weekends during the school terms, in 2018 we flew just under 1000 youth members. Due to weather cancellations and more recently COVID we flew significantly fewer (zero). We schedule four Scout Awards Scheme Days a year, and historically have one regional flyaway activity, however this has increased to four in recent years, and so far six have been requested this year.


For Air Activities there are two distinct streams of training and currency, Scouting and Aviation.

As a minimum all team members, other than youth members, require:

  • Working With Children Card
  • National Police Check
  • Complete every three years Scouts Australia’ the basic eLearning (ScoutSafe, ChildSafe Scouting, WHS in Scouting), each module is about 30 mins.
  • First Aid / CPR (recommended)

On the Aviation side there are a few things do:

  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) mandated “pre-employment drug and alcohol screening test”. This is a similar test to that courts require before reinstating driving licences after drug and alcohol related offences;
  • Every 30 months a CASA approved Alcohol and other Drugs eLearning (about 20 mins);
  • Must be 0.0% at on airfield events
  • And every two years attend and complete a Scout Air Activities ground and airside induction program (about 2 hours)
  • Complete Induction and SMS training g as required by the Air Operators Certificate holder (i.e. MFS)

The Air Activities team will reimburse costs associated with joining and maintaining currency (e.g. First Aid, drug test, etc.) that are not otherwise reimbursable by an employer.


Our operations are conducted as charters in partnership with Moorabbin Flying Services and are subject to the requirements of their AOC and Operation’s Manual (including the Aviation Training requirements above):

  • Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane)
  • Current Class 1 Medical
  • Current Aircraft Flight Review (AFR)
  • Current Aviation Security ID Card (ASIC)
  • Current Dangerous Goods Certificate (DG)
  • Approved by MFS’ CFI;
  • Piper Warrior experience (10 hr minimum recommended)
  • Current MFS Route Check
  • Current CAO 20.11 (usually done at same time as Route Check)

The Air Activities team may reimburse costs additional to those required to maintain a Private Pilot Licence and not required by an employer (e.g. every second medical for Class 1 rather than Class 2)

Flight Training

Over the 45 years the team has been in operation we assisted about 50 Scouting members achieve their PPL. The last active student was almost a decade ago although there may be some interest in restarting in conjunction with MFS.

There is a potential for a scholarship through our membership of the Royal Federation of Aero Clubs of Australia, see the Scholarship Opportunities page.

Further Information

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