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King's and Queen's Scout Honour Roll

The King’s Scout/Queen’s Scout Award is the Peak Award in the Venturer Scout Section (formerly Senior Scouts from 1947) and carries an outstanding reputation within Scouting and the Community.

To achieve this prestigious award today, a Venturer Scout must be able to set personal goals, plan and organise activities with themselves and others. They are required to maintain a high level of determination to reach milestones and complete attainment to the very best of their abilities.

The award was founded in 1911 under the patronage of King Edward VII as the King’s Scout Badge and continues under the current Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II from 1952 as the Queen’s Scout Award.

In Victoria, it continues to be gained by around 5% of Venturer Scouts each year with the Royal Certificate presented at Government House by the Governor of Victoria, as the representative of the Queen.

This Roll traces Victorian King’s Scouts/Queen’s Scouts from 1911 to the present day by alphabetic listing by Surname. 

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Note: This honour roll records when Certificates were presented at Government House and may be different from when they were awarded to the recipient. They will be updated annually after the Government House presentation.

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King's Scout/Queen's Scout Honour Roll

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