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Join in Jamborees

Every Four years World Scouting throws a huge party called a World Scout Jamboree. Scouts from all over the world attend and have a brilliant time while making life long friends. but for Scouts who can't physically get to the WSJ, a Join-in Jamboree program is made available.

Here are some JIJ resources from the last few Jamborees. If you find or have any more, please send them in so they can be shared.

22nd World Scout Jamboree - Sweden - Explorers 22nd World Scout Jamboree - Sweden - Rovers 23rd World Scout Jamboree - Japan
22nd World Scout Jamboree - Sweden - Beavers 22nd World Scout Jamboree - Sweden - Australian Contingent 23rd World Scout Jamboree - Japan - UK contingent
22nd World Scout Jamboree - Sweden - Scouts 22rd World Scout Jamboree - Sweden - Cubs 16th Nippon Jamboree

Free online short courses

Curious about the world around you? Want to learn more? These courses and apps cover anything from language and history through to political climates and culture. Ideal for Venturers, Rovers and Leaders to broaden their knowledge.

More information here.

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We are Scouts: From Syria to Australia

Friendship Knot

Meaning of Wa - World Scout Jamboree, Japan

Intro to Kandersteg International Scout Centre

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