Sailing and power boating

An adventure on the waves can be a thrilling mix of a cool wind, refreshing splashes of water and magnificent views.

If you’re under sail, you’ll tweak and trim every part of the rigging for peak performance. And, when you get it right, the boat just wants to fly!

Scouting’s founder, Baden-Powell, was a fan of ‘messing about in boats’ and who are we to argue? But our modern day version offers so much more.

Power Boating

Gain confidence and experience in operating a power boat or safety boat. We can even help you to qualify for a Victorian Boat Licence.

Power boating is a challenging, exciting skill that’s open to Scouts older than 12.5 years, plus Venturers, Rovers, Leaders and other adult members.

We provide theory and practice, usually over two days, plus hands-on experience on the water in a range of conditions.


Sailing activities tailored to the different section groups are available from Cubs and older.  If you simply want to give it a go, then come to one our 'Try Sailing' days or attend one of our regattas.

The Guide and Scout Water Activities Centre in Sandringham can also arrange an introductory day for your Group.

Our skills development programs are usually held over four days, and, like all water based activities, are subject to the weather. Programs include theory sessions, as well as setting sail in a variety of conditions.

Safety Boats

Here’s a really useful way to enjoy your power boating and help others. Join one of our two-day Safety Boat Operator courses to learn more about assisting people on our many waterways.

Prerequisites include:

  • Power Boat Operators qualification
  • Current Victorian Boat Licence
  • 30 hours of logged power boat operation

We also provide the accreditation for competent power boat and safety boat operators to handle these vessels at Scouting events.

Group Leaders’ Responsibility

The Scouts Victoria Sailing and Power Boating Team is committed to maintaining and enhancing our safety record. We have effective risk assessment and risk management procedures, along with strictly enforced policies and standards.

We also have a clear chain of responsibility to ensure that the Leader in Charge of any small watercraft activity is qualified and their competency is current. It is expected as a ‘duty-of-care’ that any small boating activities will be supervised or generally overseen by Adult Leaders that are also appropriately qualified as Adventurous Activity Leaders.

The State Leader -Sailing and Power Boating – can help you gain the necessary qualifications.

To view our Risk Management and Risk Control Plan click here.

Participation requirements

Scouts Australia, Victorian Transport Safety, Marine Safety and Australian Sailing have prescribed the following as minimum standards:

Clothing and equipment

While on the water, participants must wear appropriate:

  • Personal floatation device, suitable to the event (provided and fitted by our team)
  • Suitable enclosing footwear
  • Suitable clothing, for weather and event

Helmets are not yet a compulsory item for VicScouts sailors.

Member in charge of craft must:

  • Have attained the Scouts Australia Sailing Off the Beach Craft (OBC) Level 1 (Basic Sailing) 
  • Demonstrate basic skills to prepare, return, and sail small boat in controlled conditions: winds to 8 knots, waves to 0.3 metres

Member in charge of activity must ensure that:

  • The advice of the State Leader for Sailing and Power Boating has been sought
  • Craft operators are appropriately qualified
  • A risk management plan is in place
  • A Level 2 First Aider is available
  • All appropriate forms have been completed and returned (Activity Intention Forms, Special Activity Permission Form, Personal Information Form and Health Statement (CareMonkey)
  • Current conditions have been checked immediately prior to commencement

Other requirements

Contact the Sailing and Power Boat team for a full list of requirements relating to:

  • Weather conditions and limits
  • Skipper accreditations and skills development for power boat, safety boat and sailing
  • Duty of Care
  • Vessel requirements and boat accreditation for use in Scouting activities

Guide and Scout Water Activities Centre, Sandringham

All on water equipment is provided by the Centre including boats, boards, paddles, PFDs (lifejackets), mobile radio communications and safety boats. The centre also has a first aid room, BBQ and kitchen facilities. The Centre is also bookable for camping and Scouting weekend activities other than water based activities.

Evening paddling can be arranged during warmer months, depending upon staff and weather. It’s a great way to enjoy a summer sunset, especially if you arrange a sausage sizzle as well.

Bookings are essential and we need a minimum of 20 participants. The maximum is 80.

Sea Scouts and specialised groups

Sea Scout Groups provide a program that includes adventurous water-based activities such as sailing, power boating, and canoeing during summer months and an active camping and bushcraft based program during other months, eg Stradbroke Cup, Scout Hike, Cohen Shield.

1st Victorian Sea Scouts have been enjoying the use of Albert Park Lake since 1912, while 1st Ivanhoe, established in 1908, is the oldest continuously operating Sea Scout Group in Australia.

Sea Scouting is extremely popular. Sea Scout Groups dotted around the bay attract high numbers of youth members, water based adventurous activities such as sailing, power boating,  canoe / kayaking and rowing continues to provide excellent skills for our youth members. Inland Sea Scout Groups like 1st Ivanhoe and 1st Victoria have provided these opportunities for more than 100 years, and more inland Groups have formed.

Today Sea Scout Groups can be observed honing their skills on inland lakes, water catchment ponds, estuaries and around the bays. 


State Leader – Sailing

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