Safety Courses

Courses are shown under training and updated on Scouts Victoria website. Also includes course program, costs and applicants limitations.

All courses are dependent on weather, participant number and stature, and consequent availability of instructors and suitable craft:

  • Weather: winds under 15 knots (30km/h), waves under 1m.
  • Sailing: minimum of six to eight, and a maximum of eight to 12.
  • Power boating: minimum of three and a maximum of nine.
  • Ages over ideally 12.5 years for sailing and over 12 years for power boat qualifications. Scouting is no longer able to issue licence ready certificates for presentation to VicRoads for power boat licences.
  • Scout power boat licencees can apply for a Power Boat Safety Boat endorsement after the completion of 30 hours logged experience of the use of a power boat.
  • For duty of care with boat handling (on and off the water), crew position swapping, and emergency drills of capsize and person over-board, need a balance across course of the participants’ body statures with ideally none over nominal 30 BMI.
  • Courses are self-catering and self-accommodated.
  • Costs reflect location, availability of water craft, Instructors, and venue, etc
  • Closing date is usually six weeks before course.
  • Additional courses or different dates and locations will be considered for Scout Groups, especially in the country, if numbers are sufficient and location and craft availability is practical, and suits timing and availability of Instructors, etc.

Running of course is dependent upon final numbers, adequacy of age ranges to handle craft, and availability of appropriate craft and instructors. This is why we have such a long lead time to closing, nominally at least six to eight weeks.

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