Participation Requirements

The Sailing and Power Boating Team has prescribed the following as representing the minimum standard for all small boating craft, and Scout members participating in Sailing and Power Boating activities run by Scout members.

While on the water all participants must wear appropriate:

  • Personal flotation device, suitable to the event.
  • Suitable enclosing footwear.
  • Suitable clothing and protection, for weather and event.
  • Helmets are not yet a compulsory item for Victorian Scout sailors.

Members in charge of craft must be able to:

  • Swim 50m.
  • Understand and check safety features of the craft, including sea-worthiness, before each launch.
  • Know and understand ‘applying first aid’ appropriate to being on-board small off-beach craft.
  • Check appropriate personal floatation device for each crew member.
  • Able to recognise changing weather conditions.
  • Ensure that power craft registration and safety equipment is both current and appropriate.
  • If operating a small power craft (both recreational craft and personal water craft (Jet Ski), provide proof they are over 16 years and that Marine Licence is both current and appropriate.

Members in charge of an activity must ensure:

  • That craft operators and skippers are adequately trained.
  • That a risk management plan is in place.
  • Sailing craft skippers that are not being given guidance have as a minimum, Participant (formally Level 2) Sailing Skills qualification.
  • Power craft operators’ support person (observer) is of adult age, and may have water ski boat observer’s certificate.
  • Power craft operators are of adult age and have current and appropriate Marine Licence - Victorian Government registration and have Scouts Victoria Power Boat accreditation
  • The activity has a minimum ratio of one suitably staffed safety boat to every five sailing craft. It is preferable to have a minimum of two suitably staffed safety boats on the water at any time.
  • Scout and private power craft have current Insurance.
  • If an outside organisation/provider or private power craft Is being used a Special Activity Permission Form is used.
  • If the activity has been out-sourced to an external service provider, the person-in-charge of the activity must hold a current  Working with Children card.

Scouts Victoria members operating power craft, private or Scout used on Scouting activities, have current and appropriate qualifications:

  • for recreational patrol boats (supporting and/or observing participating craft) have Powerboat Operator - VicScout’s Code 513 or peak body equivalent;
  • for recreational safety (rescue and/or retrieval of persons and/or craft) boats have Safety Boat Operator - VicScout’s Code 514 or peak body equivalent;
  • for water skiing boats - Level 1 Observer – Instructor Level 2 Boat Driver – Beach Captain These qualifications along with a Power Boat qualification.

Propeller guards shall be fitted to all recreational outboard power boats (Scouts and private) being used at a Scout activity for mitigation of propeller strike incidents and peace of mind of operators. Current market place commercially manufactured steel or non- steel propeller guards will suffice until standards are set.

Other requirements

Contact the Sailing and Power Boat team for a full list of requirements relating to:

  • Weather conditions and limits
  • Skipper accreditations and skills development for power boat, safety boat and sailing
  • Duty of Care
  • Vessel requirements and boat accreditation for use in Scouting activities
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