Kangaree 2018


The 5th Victorian Kangaree was held over the weekend of March 17-18, at Lardner Park.


Download the Kangaree Timetable Here and the map Here

What is Kangaree?

Kangaree is a statewide, overnight camp for Joey Scouts.  Every Joey Scout will have the opportunity to attend 1 Kangaree during their time in Joeys.

Joey Scouts travel to Kangaree on coaches provided, with their Leaders and their gear.  When the Joey Scouts arrive onsite, they set up their gear and get straight into the first of six great activities!

Our Catering team will feed the Joey Scouts and our Welfare and Security Teams will look after them.

They will be kept busy by the Activities and Entertainment teams, and will arrive home very tired on the Sunday afternoon.

How Much is Kangaree?

We are pleased to announce that the Kangaree budget has been approved, the costs are:

Joey Scout $140
Leader, Fellowship, Office Bearer, Adult Helper $70
Venturer, Rover $50


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