Moving Group

Other welcoming ceremonies such as when a Scout moves to a new Group are very similar to an investiture in terms of the process. 

The main difference is:

  • During an investiture, a Scout makes their Australian Scout Promise for the first time.
  • During other welcoming ceremonies, the Scout reaffirms their Australian Scout Promise.

Your Unit might like to make investiture ceremonies a little different to other welcoming ceremonies to make it feel extra-special.

When a Scout moves from one Scout Group to another (and they are remaining in the same Section), you should hold a welcoming ceremony, where the Scout:

  • Is welcomed by the Unit.
  • Reaffirms their Australian Scout Promise
  • Is presented with the District or Region badge (if different), the Group name tape and the Group scarf.

Follow the examples provided for investiture ceremonies, remembering to adjust the words spoken knowing that the Scout is already a member of world and Australian Scouting, and is simply moving into a new formation.



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