The Investiture Ceremony is a welcoming ceremony that symbolises a new Scout's entry into the Scouting movement. 

This ceremony should be one of the most special and memorable moments of a Scout’s time in the program. It’s all about them, and welcoming them to their future as a member of the Scouting community.

Key considerations when presenting an investiture ceremony include: -

  • It is important to realise that a Scout is only invested once - when they first become a member of Australian Scouting. 
  • Youth members should be involved in the full process of Plan>Do>Review> for all welcoming ceremonies. Make sure they’re involved somehow in conducting the ceremony!
  • It's a good idea to invite family members along for the investiture ceremony.  
  • It is important that the member (youth or adult) gets to review and choose between the two options of the Australian Scout Promise with a Unit Leader, Patrol Leader or adult Leader well in advanced of them affirming or re-affirming the Promise.
  • Scouts Australia has resources such as the Promise & Law Discussion Guides to support potential new members understanding of the Australian Scout Promise & Law.
  • If someone is re-registering as a Scout after an extended break from Scouting (at least a year), it might be appropriate to hold a new investiture ceremony. This decision should be made with the Scout involved.
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