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These presentations are not about badges!

Make sure the presentation is focused on the achievement of the Scout, challenges they overcame through the opportunity, and how they’ve developed.

Each time a Scout completes an element of the Achievement Pathways and earns a badge is one that should be celebrated in a ceremony of some kind. This might happen as part of a larger ceremony, or in a ceremony held specially – this generally depends on the level of importance to the Scout involved.

Typically, presentations for achievements of Milestones, Special Interest Areas, Outdoor Adventure Skills and additional achievements (like Landcare, Their Service - Our Heritage) will take a simple form. Achievements like Peak Awards normally involve more significant celebrations.

Typical achievement presentations:

  • Involve the members of the Unit and other people that took part in the work undertaken (like members of a Project Patrol)
  • Include a summary of what the Scout has achieved through the opportunity
  • Should serve to inspire other Scouts to challenge themselves through exciting new opportunities
  • Include the presentation of a badge to be worn on the Scout’s uniform.
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