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Milestones mark key moments in every Scout’s progression through the program. Each Milestone represents a Scout being a little further along the one journey of the program, and them being a little more advanced in their leadership and personal development. These are significant to the Scout’s Journey and should be seen as very important in every Scout’s Journey.


A Cub Scout Unit holds Milestone presentations in different locations in the community, making sure each time the location is somewhere the Scout has never been before (like a local Aboriginal landmark or the Town Hall). The location provides an opportunity to talk about leadership in the community, and to emphasise the value of going to places we have never been before in our Scouting adventures.


A Venturer Scout Unit keeps a video record of all their activities. When it comes time to present a Milestone 3, the Unit puts together a video of the Scout’s participates, assists and leads. This includes a video diary of some of the Scout’s Reviews. The video is shown at the presentation of the Scout’s Milestone 3.

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