Typical Proceedings

As with all of our ceremonies, presentation ceremonies should be special for the individual Scout, and relevant to the achievement being celebrated. In addition to the typical proceedings above, Units should think about how they can make these moments memorable.

  • The Unit stands at the alert in a circle or horseshoe formation
  • The Unit Leader calls the Scout to stand in front of them
  • The Unit Leader explains that this Scout has completed all the:
    • Goals (for Milestones, Special Interest Areas, some additional awards) set out by them, together with the Unit Council and/or
    • Requirements (for Outdoor Adventure Skills, Peak Awards, some additional awards) to be presented with [name of the award].
  • The Unit Leader explains, or asks the Scout to give a summary of what they achieved through this part of the Achievement Pathways.
  • The Unit Leader congratulates the Scout with a left handshake and presents them with the badge signifying the achievement.
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