ANZAC Day 2024

ANZAC Day is an important occasion to honour the service and sacrifice of Australian and New Zealand forces. The day not only commemorates our national history but also embodies the core values we hold in Scouting.

It's important to show pride in our uniform on occasions like ANZAC Day so we demonstrate respect to others and present Scouting in a positive light.

In addition to paying respect to our service members, Scouts will have the opportunity to work towards earning the 'Their Service, Our Heritage' badge. This badge encourages learning about and reflecting on Australia's military history, aligning perfectly with the spirit of the day.

Let's come together this ANZAC Day to honour and reflect upon the invaluable contributions and sacrifices of the ANZACs. It's a time to uphold the Scout values of respect and honour. 

Whatever you do let's make sure we let everyone know what it means to #beascout!

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