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All email communication submissions must be done through our online form.

Impactful email communication, both within our Scout community and beyond! We can assist to specifically design and streamline your process for sending both internal and external mass emails. Whether you're aiming to engage our members or reach out to a wider audience, follow our guidelines and use this online form for all your email communication needs.

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Tips for email Success:

  • Capture Attention Fast: The first few seconds are crucial. Begin with something that makes your audience want to read on, whether they're Scout members or external stakeholders.
  • Provide Complete Messages: Ensure you submit the full content of your message as intended for delivery. This precision aids in effectively conveying your intended message.
  • Be Clear and Concise: Aim for straightforward and succinct communication. A clear message is more likely to be understood and acted upon by both internal and external recipients.
  • Incorporate All Links: If your email includes links for further information or action, include them in your submission to facilitate a seamless reader experience.
  • Visuals Enhance Your Message: Logos, photos, and other imagery can significantly boost engagement. Please upload any visuals you'd like to include, ensuring they're of high quality.
  • Correct Date Formatting: Use the format Day, Month, Date (e.g., Sunday, February 18) for any dates in your message, maintaining consistency and professionalism.
  • Signature on White Background: If your email concludes with a signature, it should be on a white background to ensure clarity. (You can take a photo of your signature on a white piece of paper and we will digitise)
  • Avoid Repetitive Content: Keep your audience engaged with fresh and relevant content, steering clear of redundancy.
  • Scheduling Considerations: While we strive to meet your preferred email distribution date, scheduling flexibility is appreciated. Remember, emails are not sent on Tuesdays due to 'Be Informed' distributions.

This guidance is to support your efforts in communicating effectively. By following to these tips, you'll help us in creating impactful, professional emails for you.

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