Your Scouting Journey

Program Essentials is a Scout's core Scouting experience through attendance and active participation in their Unit's diverse Scout program. Along the way, the Scout achieves personal progression and develops valuable leadership skills.

Look at what makes up Program Essentials as being the regular Scouting program and not treated as stand-alone items. Program Essentials has been designed to be completed through attendance and active participation. 

The Program Essentials comprises 3 main elements, culminating in a self-reflection. Self-reflection is a key part of the Program Essentials and encourages Scouts to stop and think about how they have developed along the journey.

The elements are:

  1. Introduction to Scouting (if not completed in an earlier Section)
  2. Introduction to Section (completed at the start of each new Section during the transition phase)
  3. Milestones (Participating, Assisting and Leading in activities based on the four Challenge Areas and reflecting on your adventures)

The following tabs will provide an understanding of each element.

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