Purpose (SPICES)

The concept of SPICES comes back to Scouting’s worldwide purpose. As a non-formal educational movement, Scouting strives to contribute to the education of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potentials and individuals. 

Our program focusses on personal progression. This puts young people at the centre and recognises that each individual has unique needs. Every youth member will develop at different rates, in different ways, and from different experiences.

We use the acronym SPICES to help both youth and adults remember the five areas of personal growth that are part of the purpose of Scouting. 

What’s most important is Scouts identifying how they’ve grown during the program cycle; through doing this, they are becoming aware of their own personal progression.

The six SPICES represent the objectives of the youth program. When we Review> our experiences in Scouting, we encourage Scouts to think about how they have progressed in each of the areas. This really is an individual thing – one Scout may develop in a very different area to another from the same activity. For one Scout, participating in an outdoor rock climbing adventure could be purely a physical development activity; another who, through the same activity, conquers their fear of heights, may find that they develop emotionally and spiritually. Through personal reflection, progress through each of the SPICES will be developmental and very individual.

In order to explore the SPICES within the program, you’ll need to understand what each of them refers to.

Social Development

Social development refers to belonging to a group, one's relationships with others and understanding differences between people in small groups of peers, as well as issues of diversity and inclusion in larger communities.

Character Development

Character development refers to the pursuit of personal best. It includes a positive attitude, responsibility, respect and making an effort beyond what benefits the self. It encapsulates personal growth in the five other SPICES.

Physical Development

Physical development refers to one's understanding of one's body, including active care for health, wellbeing and the pursuit of physical skills and fitness. 

Emotional Development

Emotional development refers to the need for understanding of one's own emotions and the emotions of others. It includes awareness of how a person is feeling, expressing emotions in a positive manner, as well as respecting and supporting the emotional needs of others.

Intellectual Development

Intellectual development refers to one's ability to think, plan, innovate, review and be creative, applying information, knowledge and skills in new and different circumstances. 

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development refers to the development of a person's beliefs regarding their purpose in life, connection to others, place in the world around them, while respecting the spiritual choices of others. 

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