Scout Method

In Scouting, our Scouts develop and learn through the use of a particular educational method. It’s the Scout Method that makes Scouting truly unique.

Eight elements make up the Scout Method. While no single element is more important than another, some elements will feature more strongly through different activities and experiences. The Method should be clear in all that we do – this is a good way of us making sure what we are doing really can be defined as Scouting.

Use of the Method should be made apparent to both adults and youth members. It’s important that Scouts are aware of how Scouting is contributing to their development.

PLAN>Encourage Scouts to consider which elements of the Scout Method will be used in an activity. Scouts should challenge themselves to make sure a number of elements are included.

DO> During the activity, help the Scouts identify the use of certain elements. This can be as simple as emphasising great teamwork, or congratulating a Scout on achieving a new personal best.

REVIEW> When reflecting on an activity or experience, encourage Scouts to consider the use of certain elements of the Method, or how to use some elements more in future.

Community Involvement

Active exploration of an individual's commitment and responsibility to their community and the wider world.

Personal Progression

A learning journey focused on challenging the individual to do their best through a range of experiences.

Learning by Doing

Learning through practical experiences and activities. 

Promise & Law

Scouting values and ideals that underpin all activities and interactions. 

Nature & the Outdoors

The outdoors Is the primary setting for learning and encourages a two-way relationship between the individual and the natural world. 

Symbolic Framework

A unifying structure of themes and symbols that facilitates the awareness and development of an individual’s personal journey. 

Patrol System

A way to develop interpersonal and leadership skills through teamwork, responsibility and belonging. 

Youth Leading, Adults Supporting

A youth movement, guided by adults, where youth are increasingly self-managing.

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