Rovers 18-25 Years – Beyond the Horizon

Beyond Rovers

After you turn 26, there are a number of paths through which you can stay involved in Scouts! Having been a youth member, you’ve developed a range of skills and strengths which will set you up for success in an adult volunteer role. Read about the different opportunities below.

You may already have a role – which is brilliant! Whatever it is, keep up the fantastic work and thanks for everything you do.

Or you may not be interested and are ready to move on from Scouts. That’s cool, but remember you’ll always be part of our community and are welcome back anytime!

Adult roles in Scouts

Youth Program Leader

With your leadership skills and passion for the incredible learning experiences Scouts offers, you would be a great fit as a Youth Program Leader! You’re highly motivated to help deliver a fun, adventurous, challenging, and inclusive program for our youth members.

Working as part of a team, Youth Program Leaders are the primary deliverers of the program at Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers, and are responsible for the youth members in their care.

Talk to a Group Leader in your area about the opportunities they have available in their Group’s youth section teams. Click here to find Scout Groups near you.

Program Support Leader (Group Leader, District, Region, State and National positions)

If you’re highly motivated, organised, and can think big picture, consider a Program Support Leader role!

Program Support Leader roles come in all shapes and sizes: Group Leader, Assistant Group Leader, District Leader, District Commissioner, Region Commissioner, State Leader, State Commissioner, or National Commissioner, just to name a few.

Think about what level you’d like to contribute at. You may prefer to support other Leaders locally, or to drive strategic change across the State.

Depending on what you’re interested in, different vacancies are advertised in different places. Talk to your District Commissioner for Group Leader or District Leader roles. Most other roles will be advertised in Be Informed when opportunities arise.

Adventurous Activities team member

With your passion for the outdoors and willingness to share great activities with others, you’ll be right at home in one of our Adventurous Activities teams. You see yourself as a guide to others on their own adventures and are always looking for your next challenge.

Scouts Victoria’s many Adventurous Activities teams are responsible for delivering training and general support in the Outdoor Adventure Skills stream of the youth program.

Click here to find out more about the different teams. Contact the State Commissioner – Adventurous Activities if you’re interested in getting involved.

Group Support Committee member

Keen to provide behind-the-scenes support to ensure our Leaders are equipped to deliver a high-quality and well-resourced youth program?

Each Scout Group has a Support Committee, which is a group of nun-uniformed volunteers who assist in different areas to support the Group’s Leaders. Typical roles on a Support Committee include the Treasurer, Registrar, Fundraising Manager and/or Hall Hire Manager.

Talk to a Group Leader in your area about the opportunities they have available on their Group Support Committee. Click here to find Scout Groups near you.


Fellowship allows former youth members and Leaders to maintain their connection with Scouts and continue to be actively involved as time permits. There are three types of Fellowships:

  • Group Fellowships: stay connected to your local Group, its program and community
  • Specialist Fellowships: get involved in supporting campsites, performing arts activities, major events, or adventurous activities
  • Region Fellowships: focus on opportunities to engage with Scouts at a Region level

Why volunteer?

Continue developing your skills

While you’re sharing your skills, you’ll also be gaining new ones. Many skills – including leadership, project management, working with young people, and event planning – can be fostered and furthered through experience as a Leader at Scouts.

Be part of something

As a volunteer at Scouts, you’ll be a member of a team, a community, and an organisation dedicated to the education of young people. As you work together to make great things happen in whatever role you choose, you’ll meet lots of other amazing volunteers, many of whom may become lifelong friends.

At Scouts, volunteers make a difference. Thanks to the work of our Leaders, young people are empowered to achieve their full potential as individuals, responsible citizens, and members of their local, national and international communities.

Make your resume stand out

Competition in the job market is greater than ever, and making your resume stand out to potential employers is vital. Most candidates who apply for a job have the necessary technical skills and qualifications, so to be successful you may need something extra to set yourself apart. This is where Scouts can help.

Employers like candidates who have demonstrated commitment and skill development. Your time in Scouts, the volunteer work you have done, and the experiences you have taken part in will have developed a whole range of skills to impress employers.

It's good for you

Volunteering can be a brilliant way to boost your mental wellbeing. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re helping young people gain skills for life, and you might even learn a lot about yourself along the way. Research shows that volunteering creates lasting happiness and helps to counter things like stress.

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