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Badges and Awards

The Baden-Powell Scout Award

The Baden-Powell Scout Award is achieved by the Rover having completed their Program Essentials Milestone 3, Stage 5 in all three core Outdoor Adventure Skills area of Bushcraft, Bushwalking and Campcraft, 14 Stages progressions during the Section or since achieving the Venturer Scout Peak Award, 6 Special Interest Area Projects, an Adventurous Journey, Personal Development Course and a Personal Reflection. 

The Baden-Powell Scout Award requires the approval of the Unit Council with all requirements to be completed and approved before the Rover Scout turns 26.

W.F. Waters Rover Service Award

The W.F. Waters Rover Service Award recognises an individual’s outstanding contribution to Rovering over a sustained period of time. The awardee can be a Rover, Rover Advisor or Lay Person, must fulfil a variety of National standards and be nominated by someone within Scouting.

The nominations are announced on World Scout Day (August 1) and awardees are presented with their award at the annual Rover Dinner.

State Rover Commissioner’s Award

This award is open to all Rovers and Rover Advisors and can be nominated by anyone within Scouting, except for Rovers or Rover Advisors.

The award is designed to recognise individuals who have done something exceptional to benefit the Unit or Scouting who may have, for example, organised a hugely successful District or Group event.

Nominations are submitted to the State Commissioner for Rovers and the awardee/s is announced on World Scout Day with a presentation at the Rover Dinner.

Victorian Rover Council Chairman’s Award

The VRC Chairman’s Award is peer nominated (only Rovers can nominate) and is awarded based on outstanding service to Scouting or Rovering. The criteria for this award is quite loose, the awardee may have contributed to a one-off or series of events or they may just always put in that little bit of extra effort to everything their crew does.

Nominations are submitted to the VRC Chairman and are announced on World Scout Day. The award is then presented at the Rover Dinner.

Baden-Powell Lodge Award for Unit Service

The objective of the Baden-Powell Lodge Award for Unit Service is to encourage service to the Scout Movement and the community. It is awarded based on the recommendation of the Victorian Rover Council to the Unit who gains the highest number of Unit Hours in completing service projects within Scouting and the Community.

The award is presented at the annual ‘Uniform Night’ of the Baden Powell Lodge which commemorates the Founders birthday.

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