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The VRC Subcommittee that is responsible for all things Motorsport, is the largest CAMS-affiliated car club in Victoria, with every Rover and Rover Advisor in Victoria automatically a member, as well as Rovers from interstate and overseas, Leaders, Fellowship and members of Girl Guides Victoria who pay the annual membership fee. RSM runs a multi-round championship, the RSM

Championship Series, where points are earned across all RSM events through the year and the winning Unit is presented with the trophy at the annual Rover Dinner. Other RSM awards are the Official and Clubman of the Year. RSM also trains Rovers as CAMS Accredited Officials so that we can run our races.


Winter Challenge

Winter Challenge is round one of the Rover Scout Motorsport Championship Series and will include two days of motor sport competition (Khanacross) for Rovers and their Units. Additionally, we are running an LP Motorkhana Round for Beginning Units interested in dipping their toe into Motorsport. If your vehicle met the LP Motorkhana regulations for Mudbash, you are encouraged to enter! If is your first time around, welcome aboard!

Mafeking Rover Park has been the home to Scouting motor sport events since the early 1990’s and has drawn large crowds for the Mudbash event every year.

Competing Units build their own cars, a mix of sedans, 4-wheel-drives and frame buggies, and compete in a series of races during the two-day event.

Rover Scout Motorsport welcomes all Rover Units to participate at the event, whether as a seasoned motor sport campaigner, or if it will be your Unit's first competitive event.


With each year getting bigger and better than the last you can expect Borderbash 2017 to be jam packed with non-stop entertainment!

With the main event being racing during the day, this year we are stepping it up and including an all new Pub Crawl during the day! Loading a group of you and your mates onto a bus, carting you around town to some of our greatest venues and bringing you back just in time for a swim at the river! Tickets will go on sale soon, seats are limited so don’t miss out!

Our night entertainment is going to keep you going once the sun goes down, with a live band on Sunday you can dance your pants off, the ever so famous back to front draw on Saturday we can guarantee your nights will be far from quiet.


Mudbash is an annual motor sport event run by the Rover Section of Scouts Australia. Held on the King's Birthday Weekend, Mudbash combines CAMS supported motor sport, general activities and camping. Mafeking Rover Park becomes a tent city on Mudbash weekend, with over 1500 participants and visitors annually.

Vehicles competing in Mudbash are built, repaired, raced in and owned by Rover Units, state and nationwide. Each Unit fundraises annually in order to upkeep their ‘buggies’. Vehicles range from modified sedans and hatchbacks, to rear engine frame buggies. Every car is different - has its own name, number, and some would say its own personality.

Night time entertainment is a big draw at Mudbash. After night time car events have finished, attendees head to the stage area and continue partying to bands and DJs till the early hours of the morning.
The Mudbash Open Day remains an extremely prominent feature on the Victorian Scout Calendar. Activities and events improve year to year, and the event as a whole is a valuable recruiting tool for the Section.

Mudbash is organised and managed by a committee of 25 Rovers, elected into their position at the annual AGM. Any 18-25 year old member of the Rover Section can be nominated for a position on the committee. Although there is a lot of work involved in getting an event like Mudbash up and running, it is one of the most rewarding experiences a Rovering career can offer.

Mudbash Open Day

The Mudbash Open Day held on the Sunday, has become renowned as a great day of fun for Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venturers with loads of fun activities for all ages, which have included abseiling, rock-climbing, face-painting, archery and more.

There is discount entry for any Scout member in uniform; show bags for the younger Sections are usually available too. There is no need to book but keep an eye on the website for open day details.



Rover Scout Motorsport Clubman Award

The Rover Scout Motorsport Clubman Award is awarded to a Rover who has displayed exceptional sportsmanship which in turn has promoted and enhanced Rover Scout Motorsport. Nominees can be nominated by anyone within Scouting.

Rover Scout Motorsport Official Award

The Rover Scout Motorsport Club Official Award is awarded to an individual member who has taken on an official role at one or more Rover Scout Motorsport events and displayed fairness, sportsmanship and professionalism. This award is open to both Rovers and Non-Rovers and can be nominated by anyone within Scouting.


Find out more information about Rover Scout Motorsport here

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