Venturers Courses and Visits

Courses and Visits

Scouts Victoria run youth courses for Venturers to learn skills in particular activity areas throughout the year. Apart from being a valuable learning experience, they are also a great way for Venturers to meet other Venturers from around the state.

Tips: registering, confirming and paying for the Online Training Registration System 
1. To register, you will be asked for your email. It is likely that the email address stored in the system is not the Venturer’s email address, but the parent’s. If you have any difficulty registering, or the online registration system says; You are not eligible or We cannot verify your information, do not hesitate to ring (03) 8543 9829 for assistance and your current email address can be added to the system so you can register.
2. The current payment system is that the invoice for the course is added to the Workflow for your Group Leader. It is recommended that you ask the Group Leader to forward the invoice to you, and then payment options are listed on the invoice.
To pay by credit card, call the State Training Office (03) 8543 9829 to process your payment and to enrol in the course.
3. Once you have registered for the course, an email will automatically be sent to the email address. You must click on the link in the email to CONFIRM you are attending the course, to complete your registration.
4.If you are not 15, the system will consider you a scout and you will not be able to register, if so ring 85439829 during business hours for assistance.
To find out more details follow the Register Online link

Unit Management 2019

March 16-17 - Yarra Batman Zone, Diamond Creek – Course Code: 105840
Information Flyer

April 14 – Lerderderg Region, Footscray – Course Code: 105843
Information Flyer

May 5 - Melbourne Region – Bentleigh East – Course Code: 105844
Information Flyer

May 17 - Western Region, Pax Hill – Course Code: 105845
Information Flyer

May 25-26 - Gippsland Region, Bermingham Park – Course Code: 105847
Information Flyer

August 25 - Melbourne Region – Bentleigh East – Course Code: 105849
Information Flyer

September 20 - Gippsland Region, Caringal – Course Code: 105850
Information Flyer

October 12 - 13 - Northern Region, Benalla – Course Code: 105852
Information Flyer

*these courses require online registration

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Environment 2018/2019

Venturer Bee Experience - G.W.S. Anderson Scout Park - Officer 
2 day courses for VA Environment. Further activity requirements for Pursuits or QS Environment
Areas covered: Bee life cycle, Bee habitat, anatomy, hive safety, hive equipment, assembly of hives.
Visit into the Apiary (weather permitting). Honey tasting and a take home sample of honey.
Price: $55 per participant. Leaders are welcome to attend at the same price as Venturers. Everyone qualifies to get a Bee badge, certificate of attainment and a sample of honey.

December 8-9 2018
February 9-10 2019
March 9-10
April 27-28
September 7-8
October 12-13
December 7-8
Information Flyer

Street2Bay - Scouts lead the way to protect the Bay.
Further Information

July 26-27 – Regent Honey Eater, Lurg, Benalla
Further Information: Email: 

September 13-15 - Venturer Environment Course, Camp Warringal, Whittlesea
Information Flyer

Initiative 2019

March 22-23 - ‘Amazing Race’
Information Flyer

March 29-30 - Maroondah District/Lasseter RC
Information Flyer

April 19-22 - Hoadley Hide – ‘Mission to Mars’

May 10-11 – Manderson Rover Crew
Information Flyer

June 29-30 - Yarra Batman Zone, Mt Disappointment/Whittlesea
Information Flyer

September 6-8 - Armstrong 500

November 22-24 - Northern Region, Benalla
Information Flyer

Ideals 2019

March 16 – Synagogue Visit to Leo Baeck Centre, East Kew  
- Saturday 9.45 am to 1.00 pm
(including Q&A Session and Bat Mitzvah)
Information Flyer

June 15-16 – Visions and Values, Melbourne
What do I believe in? What do other people believe in? How do I fit in?
On the Vision and Values Ideals Course you will visit places of worship, reflection and significance.  You will learn through interaction with people of other faiths and backgrounds. You will use these conversations and experiences to reflect on your scouting and personal values. You will make new friends and have a truly memorable experience whilst covering all of the requirements for Venturer Award level Ideals.

There is no age restriction on Venturers, but full participation is a must. Numbers are strictly limited.

July 5-7 – Deep Thought (VA Ideals),  Elliott Lodge, Healesville
Further Information

Leadership 2019


February 15-17 - Geelong, Eumeralla  – Course Code: 105839
Information Flyer

April 5-7 - 'Zombies' Plenty Valley, Treetops – Course Code: 105842
Information Flyer

May 24-26 - Northern Region, Nagambie – Course Code: 105846
Information Flyer

July 12-14 - Western Region, Pax Hill – Course Code: 105848
Information Flyer

September 21-22 - Gippsland Region, Caringal – Course Code: 105851
Information Flyer

October 25-27 - Mt Dandenong, Killer Klowns, Clifford Park – Course Code: 105853

*these courses require online registration

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Youth Helper 2019

 February 16 - Victorian Scout Centre, Mt Waverley - Course Code: 105832

 April 14 - Benalla - Course Code: 105833

 May 25 - Essendon - Course Code: 105834

 July 7 - Gippsland - Course Code: 105835

August 24 - Victorian Scout Centre, Mt Waverley - Course Code: 105836

Oct 5 - Geelong - Course Code: 105837

November 16 - Essendon - Course Code: 105838

*these courses require online registration

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First Aid Courses 2019

View the First Aid Training Calendar for the most up to date information.

*these courses require online registration

Other Venturer Activities 2019

Various dates in areas across Victoria - 'Relay for Life'
Relay For Life is a community fundraising challenge for Cancer Council. Teams of friends, families and colleagues raise money in the lead up to an overnight event, where team members take turns walking around a track to signify that cancer never rests, so neither do we.
Further Information

March 16-17 -  VENTSKI 2019, Lake Nillahcootie (near Mansfield) - Cost $70 - Waterski Weekend for Venturers
Further information: Contact David : 

March 29-31 - Top Gun, Plenty Valley Treetops - Theme: Indiana Jones
Further Information
To Register:

April 14-17 - Bogong Rover Chalet Mountain Bike Weekend
Further Information

April 19-22 - National Vertical School 2019: develop your rope/rock skills (Grampians)
Further Information:
To Apply:  (Applications close 31 January 2019)

May - 'YOU' - National Leadership activity (dates and more details soon)

May 4-5 - Big Burger Challenge
Information Flyer

June 28, Gang Show Venturer Night (7:30pm show & after party to 1:00am)

August 9-11 – Iglute, Mt Stirling
Further Information

July 5-13 - Snow Venture – Week 1
Further Information

July 13, Intro to XC Skiing #1, Lake Mountain

July 28, Intro to XC Skiing #2, Lake Mountain or St Gwinear

August 31 – Queen’s Scout Nominations close at the Victorian Scout Centre 

August 31 – 3rd September, Ski Touring, Bogong to Feathertop

September 20-22 - Top Gear Venturer - Venturer Challenge
Take your Turn at the Wheel and Drive! Mafeking Rover Park)

September 20 – 28 - Snow Venture – Week 2
Further Information

2019 Youth Courses Calendar

2019 Adventurous Activities Calendar

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