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Scouts Victoria run youth courses for Venturers to learn skills in particular activity areas throughout the year. Apart from being a valuable learning experience, they are also a great way for Venturers to meet other Venturers from around the State.

Check out the Venturer Calendar under the Venturer Resources tab for the latest updates.

Personal Development Courses 2024

The Personal Development Course  is designed to give you practical leadership skills for your Scouting journey and your future endeavours. You will work in Teams on a practical project to demonstrate what you have learnt during the course. The course covers the requirement for the Personal Development Course in the Achievement Pathways for the Queen's Scout Award

2024 Personal Development Course dates below, and more courses will be added as they come online.

Date Location Course Code Notes / Registration Link Closing Date
February 2-4 Eumeralla Scout Camp (Anglesea) 107018   CLOSED
April 20-21 Seymour Scout Hall (Seymour) 107058 New course added!! CLOSED
May 24-26 Gilwell Park (Gembook) 107032   CLOSED
July 12-14 (UPDATED) Bay Park (Mt Martha) SCE02141 Register here 28th June
August 17-18 (NEW) 1st Woodend Scout Hall (Woodend) SCE02147 Register here 3rd August
October 18-20 Pax Hill (Ballarat) SCE02140 Register here 4th October
November 22-24 Clifford Park (Wonga Park) SCE02142 Killer Klowns From Outer Space - register here 8th November




Unit Management 2024

The Unit Management course has been redeveloped to better fit with the new Achievement Pathways. It is still of great importance for teaching Venturers how to run an effective Unit and Unit Council. The new course can be used as a Special Interest Area project.

Unit Management courses are now being run at a District/Zone level, and are no longer being booked through the Scouts Victoria Training Portal. You should contact your local District/Zone Venturer Leader to find out when a course is running in your area.

Contact for help locating other courses outside your local area if required.


Ideals 2022

Note: the Ideals badge is no longer part of the award scheme, but the below courses/visits can be used for a Special Interest Area badge.


August 20 - Leo Baeck Centre Visit - Flyer

Venturers will experience a Shabbat Morning service that will include a Beit Mitzvah – a coming-of-age celebration and acknowledgement for Jewish youth who are around 13 years old. The Service will be conducted with some English and some Hebrew. Knowledge of Hebrew is not needed. After the Service, refreshments may be served (depending upon COVID restrictions) and Venturers will join a tour of the synagogue and a Venturer Q&A Session.



Adventurous Activity Team Courses 2023

Follow this link to view what Adventurous Activity Team Courses are on offer.

Venturer Activities 2023

Refer to the Events page for more information on Venturer Activities!


First Aid Courses

Scouts Victoria are no longer running their own First Aid courses.

However, to complete the First Aid requirements of any of the later Outdoor Adventure Skills stages, Venturers can complete any "Provide First Aid" course from any registered training provider.

Training Registration Tips

Does your chosen course require online registration? Click the button below!

Training Registration


Registering, confirming and paying for the Online Training Registration System

  1. To register, you will be asked for your email. It is likely that the email address stored in the system is not the Venturer’s email address, but the parent’s. If you have any difficulty registering, or the online registration system says; You are not eligible or We cannot verify your information, do not hesitate to ring Scouts Victoria Training Office on (03) 8543 9829 for assistance and your current email address can be added to the system so you can register.
  2. The current payment system is that the invoice for the course is added to the Workflow for your Group Leader. It is recommended that you ask the Group Leader to forward the invoice to you, and then payment options are listed on the invoice.
    To pay by credit card, call the Scouts Victoria State Training Office (03) 8543 9829 to process your payment and to enrol in the course.
  3. Once you have registered for the course, an email will automatically be sent to the email address. You must click on the link in the email to CONFIRM you are attending the course, to complete your registration.
  4. If you are not 15, the system will consider you a scout and you will not be able to register, if so ring 85439829 during business hours for assistance.
    To find out more details follow the Training Registration link


Initiative courses are no longer part of the new Achievement Pathways, however the following Initiative style events are running in 2022:

Hoadley Hide 2022 - Monster Hunters! - April 15-18 - Mataranka Scout Camp, Dunolly



Armstrong 500 - September 9-11 - Labertouche



Youth Helper

There is no longer a specific Youth Helper course being run in Victoria.

Venturers are encouraged to help out in younger sections, and this can be used as a Special Interest Area badge.

There are a number of useful e-learning modules available on the Scouts Australia Training Page for Venturers who will be helping in a section for an extended period of time and would like to develop their knowledge and skills to assist with this.


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