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Program Ideas for Venturer Units (an A-Z List)

Lots of ideas compiled by the Victorian Venturer Council Youth Team for Unit Programs and linked to the Challenge Areas - Click here

Ideas from Duke Of Edinburgh Award 

Venturer Section Policies & Guidelines

Venturer Code of Conduct template

This is an editable Code of Conduct template in the new Scouts Victoria "4 category" style. It is primarily designed for use at Venturer Events, but Venturer Units can use it as a starting point for creating their own Unit Code of Conduct.


Staying on in Venturers after 18

National and State policy/guidelines on what Venturers must comply with to remain in Venturers as an 18 year old while completing Year 12.


Collective Venturer Units

Guidelines and tips for setting up a Venturer Unit made up of Venturers from multiple Groups, including hosting arrangements.


Venturer Social Media Guidelines

Coming soon! (contact with any urgent questions)


Achievement Pathways Resources

For general information on the Achievement Pathways and the Venturer Program, refer to the the Venturer Program page

Below are some additional resources for specific badgework areas that the Victorian Venturer Council feel may be useful to Venturers working through their Queen's Scout (and the Venturer Leaders supporting them!)

Guidelines for Expeditions (Venturers and Examiners)  - this was written for Expeditions under the old Award Scheme, but still contains heaps of useful tips and info for Venturers planning an Adventurous Journey!

The Expedition Activity Report (how to plan an expedition including a pdf fillable log/report) 
The Expedition Activity Report Part 1 - Information/Planning  2020 - Word Format
The Expedition Activity Report Part 2 - Report Log  2020 - Word Format


Queen's Scout Award - Notice of Completion form



Queen's Scout Presentation Toolkit

Earning the Queen's Scout Award is the pinnacle of a Venturer's journey in the Unit.

Presentations typically happen in a ceremony held at the home Group or Unit hall and it is a very special time for the Venturer, their parents and their peers.

To help Venturers plan the event here are some resources as a 'grab bag of ideas' you can download and modify:

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