King's Birthday Honours 2024

Congratulations to the amazing individuals who have been honoured in this year's King's Birthday Honours for their exceptional contributions to Scouting and their communities. These outstanding role models have shown us what it means to lead, mentor and make a positive impact. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and the influence they've had on Scouting.

Their dedication and leadership have inspired us to embrace adventure, develop important skills, and create change in our communities. They have taught us valuable life lessons, nurtured our resilience, and encouraged us to be active citizens. Their passion for Scouting has left a lasting impact on countless lives.

To all the honourees, we extend our heartfelt congratulations. Your commitment, passion, and service to Scouting are truly inspiring. You have become role models for us all, showing us that each of us has the power to make a difference. Your names will forever be celebrated as shining stars in our Scouting universe.

Our gratitude goes to those honoured with an AM for their service to our movement and to their community:

  • Phil Harrison, Former Chief Commissioner | Scouts Australia
  • Annette Morgan | Scouts New South Wales

We also honour members of Scouting recognised today with the OAM:

  • Jo Rutley | Scouts Victoria
  • Reginald Parsons | Scouts Victoria
  • The late Mr Robert Porter | Scouts Victoria
  • John Baynie | Scouts New South Wales
  • David Bryant | Scouts South Australia
  • Gregory Crofts | Scouts New South Wales
  • Norman Cunningham | Scouts Western Australia
  • Scott Drummond | Scouts Western Australia
  • Richard Harry | Scouts South Australia
  • Donald Hurley | Scouts South Australia
  • Merrill Ovenden | Scouts Queensland
  • Helen Pittman | Scouts New South Wales
  • Trevor Sharp | Scouts South Australia

Congratulations once again to all the deserving awardees. 

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