Campaign AFCI - Understanding our Program

Welcome to Campaign AFCI!

Campaign AFCI takes its name from the Youth Program being Adventurous, Fun, Challenging and Inclusive.

To support the ongoing implementation of Our Program, all Leaders are invited to take part in Campaign AFCI.

It is aimed at reskilling all Leaders in Victoria and implementing the features of the new Youth Program by November 2023.

Implementation will be mainly carried out by individuals, Groups, and at a District level.

Campaign AFCI is available for all Adult Leaders, including Adventurous Activity Teams and others in Program Support Roles. Group Leaders and other Team Leaders are asked to support their teams by completing both phases, as well as joining in themselves!

Level 1 - requires all Leaders to complete the following:

  • Scouting Preliminary on-demand learning modules
  • Scouting Essentials on-demand learning modules
  • Scouting Adventure on-demand learning modules – if relevant to your role

Completion of on-demand learning tasks will be recorded automatically for each Leader using the on-demand learning recording system via Extranet.

You can do the pre-test at the start of each module to determine if you need to complete the module in its entirety or if you can just do the post-module test at the end.

Start working towards Level 1 now!

Level 1

Level 2 – Requires Leaders to complete all ten Campaign AFCI District training meeting discussions and activity topics via your regular District Training Meetings.

If your District/Team Leader is not running regular training meetings, please encourage them to start doing so (or get a group together and run them yourself and let me know!)

Additionally, there will be online sessions for those who may not have access to training meetings. For more information on this please email

The ten topics will be released at the start of each term throughout 2023, however, access to the first session has been provided to your District/Team Leader to get things rolling.

Level 2

The topics include:

The District Training discussions and activity topics have been designed to be worked through progressively, in small groups, creating discussion and learning from each other. Ideally, one topic should be covered each month in a face-to-face training meeting, but please feel free to use them in small groups as per what works for your team.

Completion of the District Training discussions and activity topics will be recorded individually and documented by your Team Leader. That might be your District Section Leader or District Commissioner etc.

Transition arrangements will be made for Leaders who are signing up after October 2022.

Incentive Leader ‘milestone’ badges will be available and can be worn on the uniform in the same location as the youth milestone badges.

Badges will be available at the Scout Shop from mid/late October.

Should you have any questions, please contact

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