The How, Why & What

The program is quite simply the ‘Why, What and How’ of Scouting. It is one development program across all five Sections and helps young people develop across the SPICES (social, physical, intellectual, character, emotional and spiritual). It is a journey that has young people at the centre with a program that is Adventurous, Fun, Challenging and Inclusive.

Learning Checkpoints

After completing this module you will have an understanding of:

  • The overall philosophy of the Program with Scouting.
  • The components of the Why, What and How of Scouting.
  • The purpose the Program.



PowerPoint Presentation

The How, Why and What PowerPoint Presentation


Complete the following ‘Scouting Preliminary’ and ‘Scouting Essentials’ On-Demand Learning Modules:

  • I’m an Adult Leader
  • Educational Objectives and SPICES
  • Youth Leading, Adults Supporting
  • The Scout Method
  • Thank you B-P!

Assist a new youth member to complete their ‘Introduction to Scouting’ & ‘Introduction to Section’ badges.

Assist the Unit Council to identify the SPICES covered in your Unit program.


  • How do we use the SPICES and Scout Method in our everyday Scout lives?
  • How does the Scout Method look different in other Sections? How so?
  • How does our Unit consider Scout Method and SPICES as part of program development and review?


Refer to Fundamentals resources on Scouts Australia Program Resources web site.


  • Why did I become a Leader?
  • What part of Scouting am I looking forward to the most?
  • How can I best bring our Youth Members on the great journey of Scouting?
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