Special Interest Areas

Special Interest Areas provide Scouts in all age Sections opportunity to explore their own tailored interests or topics that specifically interest them. Scouts have six broad skill areas that they may choose to explore:

  • Adventure & Sport
  • Arts & Literature
  • Creating a Better World
  • Environment
  • Growth & Development
  • STEM & Innovation

Scouts start their project by setting goals for their project area using the Plan>Do>Review> process. They take into account their existing level of knowledge and what they are interested in pursuing or learning about. No matter how goals are being pursued, a Special Interest Area should continue to be about the Scout doing their best.

Each Special Interest Area project should take a certain number of hours of effort according to the Section and a Scout will need to complete a prescribed number of projects to achieve their Peak Award.

Whilst the intention of Special Interest Area is to enable individual Scouts to pursue topics or activities that specifically interest them, projects may be completed individually, in Patrols or as a whole Unit.

Learning Checkpoints

After completing this module you will have an understanding of:

  • The requirements and different areas of Special Interest Areas.
  • The importance of goal setting.



Special Interest Areas

PowerPoint Presentation

Special Interest Areas PowerPoint Presentation


What are different ways Leaders have successfully implemented Special Interest Areas as a new element of the Achievement Pathways in their Unit? What advice might you offer other Leaders?

How does the goal setting conversation with a youth member vary from section to section?

What questions can you ask a Scout to support goal setting?

How are Special Interest Areas integrated in your program and how will this differ from section to section?

What approach have you taken when a Scout’s suggested Special Interest Area project requires further refinement?
How can other Scouts in the Unit, youth and adult Leaders and parents support a Scout in their Special Interest Area project?

What are some considerations if a Scouts seeks to use a school project as a Special Interest Project?

How do Special Interest Area projects support a program that is adventurous.


Special Interest Areas FAQs


How do Special Interest Area projects support a program that is adventurous, fun, challenging and inclusive?

What can I do to provide an enhanced mentoring, supporting and coaching experience for my youth members?

How can I empower youth members to create their Special Interest Area projects?

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