Peak Award

The Peak Award for each Section is a big achievement for a Scout. It's designed for individual Scouts who want to give a whole range of things a try and to experience a high number of personal challenges in their own time as well as being actively involved in the Unit program.

Using the symbolism of a mountain, the Peak Award represents a Scout having reached the summit. Not every Scout will aspire to achieve their peak award and that's okay! It's their choice and for those who do, there will be a great deal of challenge involved.

Peak Award Requirements:

In keeping with the One Program model, the requirements for each Section’s Peak Award have the same broad elements with the challenges varying slightly depending on the age section. In general, Scouts will be required to:

  • Complete Milestone 3 in the Program Essentials.
  • Complete a certain Stage in the Core Areas of Bushcraft, Bushwalking and Camping, and complete a certain number of Stage progressions in the Outdoor Adventure Skills.
  • Complete a certain number of Special Interest Area projects across a number of areas.
  • Undertake an Adventurous Journey.
  • Complete a Leadership or Personal Development Course (except in the Joey Scout Section)
  • Reflect on their journey through the Section and the Award.

The approval of the peak award is completed by the Unit Leadership Team or Unit Council, and it is the responsibility of the Unit leadership to support the Scout through their personal progression, to challenge them to achieve their best, and ultimately to develop as an individual.

Learning Checkpoints

To understand:

  • The elements of the Achievement Pathways that form the Peak Award in all Sections
  • The role Leaders and adults such as parents have in supporting and guiding the Scout on their Peak Award Journey
  • The role of other Unit youth members and the Unit Council


Peak Award fact sheet

Mountain diagram – Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts

Unit Councils supporting Peak Awards (includes Peak Award reflection) – Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts

The Program Handbook. Available for purchase from the Scout Shop in hard copy or e-version.

PowerPoint Presentation

The Peak Award PowerPoint Presentation


How confident are you in supporting youth members in completing all or part of their Peak Award?

What might motivate a Scout to aspire for their Peak Award?

When is the best time to have a Peak Award conversation with a Scout?

The Achievement Pathways is all about a Scout achieving their Peak Award. Discuss.


Refer to Scouts Australia resources on Peak Award tab

Q: Is achieving Milestone 1 and Milestone 2 a prerequisite for the peak award?
Only Milestone 3 is required for the Peak Award with Milestone 1 and Milestone 2 optional.

Q: Must a Scout only attend an internal Personal Development course?
No. A Scout may elect to attend an internal Scouting course, a State or National extension course or an external personal development course such as provided by Rotary Australia. Scouts should refer to their Section youth member record book and in need refer to their State Section Council for guidance.

Q: Who approves a Scouts’ successful completion of their Peak Award?
The Peak Award is approved by the Unit Council and all the award requirements must be completed and approved before the youth member progresses to the next Section.

Q: Is a successful Scout one who has achieved the Peak Award in their Section?
A: Not necessarily so as achieving a Peak Award is a personal decision. Each Scouts’ journey is personal and unique to them and for some, this may include achieving the Peak Award in their Section. Some Scouts may decide that their journey is focussed on other adventures within Scouting, such as increasing their participation in Outdoor Adventure Skills, whilst for others their Scouting journey is satisfied with the Program Essentials.


I have guided and supported my Scouts such that they understand the six requirements for my Section’s Peak Award (five for Joey Scouts) and can make decisions for themselves if they wish to achieve their Peak Award.  

I can support and guide youth members on their Peak Award Journey.

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