Resources for Group Leaders

Group Leaders are our local managers and these Extranet Support Factsheets will assist Group Leaders in navigating key elements of the Extranet and support Section Leaders who are at the forefront of delivering the youth program, and manage the Group's Support committees who also support the Group's youth program and resources.

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Preparing for Census 2024

All Group Leaders and Assistant Group Leaders are encouraged to review key dates and FAQs for Census 2024 at Scouts Victoria's Census 2024 Knowledge Base.

Additionally, a Census 2024 Teams Webinar will be held on Thursday the 22nd of February at 7:00pm for new Group Leaders, Leaders in Charge and Group Treasurers. Click this link to join the Teams Meeting.


Extranet for Group Leaders

Extranet for Group Leaders

In this video resource, Rosemary Redgrave, Scouts Victoria's Membership, Program and Training Manager discusses:

  • What is Extranet?
  • Who can have Extranet?
  • Log in
  • Home Page
  • Workflows
  • Group Page Reports
  • Youth Admin
  • Adult Admin/Online Membership
  • Property
  • Emails                           

View the Extranet Update here.

Operoo Resources

Operoo for Administrators - A guide for Group Leaders, District Commissioners, Region Commissioners or Leaders in Charge who have Administrator access for a Formation(s).

Operoo for Leaders - A guide for Youth Program Leaders (YPL) and Program Support Leaders (PSL) listed as Staff in Operoo.

How to Change Adult Memberships - Automated A2 and A3 Process

The A2 and A3 process has now been automated. This is used to alter an Adult/Leader Classification or role/position. A move to Fellowship is considered a change, not retirement. This process is also used to retire an Adult/Leader. All State role changes and any requests for secondary appointments are completed by emailing

Click here to read more about how to change an Adult Membership.

Adult Roles in Scouting, Membership and Training

Adult Roles in Scouting, Membership and Training

This schedule will assist Program Support Leaders in guiding new adults or adult support, Youth Program Leaders, Program Support Leaders, Rovers, and Adult Helpers in understanding what is required from a prerequisite and training perspective when moving from their current role to a new role.

Core information provided includes: -

  • The prerequisite requirements for any new role,
  • What training is required for the new role and
  • The appointment goal or ultimate role title.




Individual Adult Volunteer Plans (IAVP)

Scouts Australia's Individual Adult Volunteer Plans (IAVP) focus on the specific and tailored learning and development outcomes for each adult member. These plans are delivered in 4 Phases, described in more detail below.

The first three Phases deliberately include the term Individual in the plan to reinforce that every plan must recognise the importance of a personalised approach to establishing a volunteer plan for each adult member of Scouting. These are the Individual Adult Volunteer Plans.

The fourth Phase also recognises the volunteer nature of the commitment to Scouting whilst providing a framework to document, discuss and agree expectations where the performance of an adult member is not meeting previously agreed expectations. This is the Adult Volunteer Performance Plan.

The Guide and Phase documents are attached in the links below: -

Requirements for Adult Roles in Scouting

Requirements for Adult Roles in Scouting 

This schedule details the requirements for specific adults roles in Scouting: -

  • Leader,
  • Adult Helper,
  • Adult Supporters: Group Rostered Parents,
  • Adult Supporters previously known as office bearer positions,
  • Fellowship
  • Others.

How To Upload Documents To Your Group's Page In Extranet

Groups are occasionally required to provide Scouts Victoria with documents such as verified annual financial reports which can be uploaded to Extranet by following these steps

How To Upload Documents To Your Group's Paige In Extranet

Online Membership Application - Adult Leader, Adult Helper

Online Membership Application - Adult Leader, Adult Helper

A flowchart detailing the sequence of an online membership application including the responsible person or entity for any particular step.

These include: -

  • Group Leader or Leader in Charge (GL/LIC)
  • Applicant
  • Member Services (MS),  Victorian Scout Centre (VSC)
  • District Commissioner or Leader in Charge of District (DC/LIC)


Searching a Membership Application

A step-by-step guide to search for a New Member application in Extranet.

Searching a Membership Application

Hosting Youth Members

There are instances where youth members regularly attend Scouting with another Unit whilst remaining a member of their home Group as evidenced by the wearing their home Group scarf. This is known as Hosting other Youth.

Examples might be a Venturer Scout attending another Venturer Unit as their own Group doesn't yet have a Venturer Unit or a number of Joey Scouts attending another Joey Scout Unit in their District whilst their Unit re-builds. 

Where a youth member is hosted by another Group, the youth member's home Group Leader needs to reflect this participation in Extranet.

The Hosting Other Youth Extranet info sheets will provide you with the simple steps.


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Resources for Group Leaders

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