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Youth Led Programming

The key to successful programming is to Plan opportunities for everyone to achieve their goals. A great program is designed from young people's great ideas, with adult Leaders helping to make them happen. Programming to the Challenge Areas is one way the new youth program is empowering young people to take control of their Scouting journey.

Youth Engagement Across our Age Sections

Working with Scouts from other Sections is an enriching experience for all. You can work with different personalities, learn new things, pass on your knowledge and make new friends.

The Fundamentals of Scouting

The Purpose of our fun adventures in Scouting is to develop and grow into a responsible citizens. Our fun and adventures develop us as active members of our local, national and international communities as we help to create a better world.

This is our youth program...

Our adventure has begun... Our new program is here! In January 2019 we launched our new youth program at AJ2019. The National Program Space was a hive of activity, information and learning as we shared what the future of Scouting will look like. To demonstrate the youth program’s power in fostering the development of young people, through adventurous, fun, challenging and inclusive programs, we’re excited to launch this new video to share. For more information, head here 

Our Program webinar

Our Program Overview

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Learn about Scouts | Terrain from our Terrain Champions

Our Program Our Journey

Learn from our youth about Our Program

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