"Jump Start" your Program with these Check Lists

Our series of Program Jump Start Check Lists will help your Scouts and leadership team Review> your Unit's progress in the implementation of the Achievement Pathways program. Work through each check list to help "jump start" your Unit's program!

Program Jump Start # 1 - Foundations of the Program

Here's your first Program Jump Start Check List. Discuss with your leadership team how you review the checklist amongst yourselves and with your Scouts. Formulate an action plan to bring your Unit up to speed. 

Program Jump Start Check List # 1

Program Jump Start # 2 - Foundations of the Program Continued

Your second Program Jump Start Check List which includes the Scouts Australia Program Handbook, Scouts have planned a Unit Council and themed weekly programs.

Program Jump Start Check List # 2

Program Jump Start # 3 - Program Essentials and Milestones

The third Program Jump Start Check List looks at Milestones, the core of element in the Program Essentials.

Program Jump Start Check List # 3

Program Jump Start # 4 - Program Essentials - Introduction to Scouting and Introduction to Section

Your fourth Program Jump Start Check List continues with the language of the program, Introduction to Scouting, Introduction to Section, and Ceremonies.

Program Jump Start Check List # 4

Program Jump Start # 5 - Outdoor Adventure Skills

Program Jump Start - Part 5 features Outdoor Adventure Skills, launched in February 2021. Outdoor Adventure Skills is the outdoor adventure in Scouting and carries through all Sections. Outdoor Adventure Skills should be a key part of your Unit's program.

Program Jump Start Check List # 5

Program Jump Start # 6 - Scouts | Terrain for Group Leaders and Section Leaders

Our 6th Program Jump Start Check List reinforces the important role of Scouts | Terrain as a personal progression and programming tool for youth members and Leaders and is crucial reading for all Group Leaders and Section Leaders. 

A Unit's successful transition to the Achievement Pathways by December 2021 will include Scouts | Terrain as a key part of the Unit's programming. 

Program Jump Start Checklist # 6

Program Jump Start # 7 - Scouts | Terrain for District Leaders

Program Jump Start # 7 check list looks at Scouts | Terrain in Unit Programming and the important role of District Leaders in the successful application of Scouts | Terrain in our Units.

Program Jump Start Check List # 7

Program Jump Start # 8 - Special Interest Areas

Program Jump Start # 8 offers tips to help your Unit create exciting and challenging Special Interest Area projects using our Plan>, Do> and Review> method.

The checklist will cover the structure and requirements of a Special Interest Areas project, explore project ideas and planning tools, examine the Special Interest Area Review processes and preparing the Unit Council for supporting Special Interest Area projects, and how to challenge youth members  to start a Special Interest Areas project of their own.

Program Jump Start Check List # 8

Program Jump Start # 9 - Peak Award

Each Section has their own Peak Award with the pathway including a number of age appropriate personal challenges. Not all youth members will decide to achieve the Peak Award and that is perfectly okay.

The Peak Award Check List will refresh our understanding of each Section's Peak Award so we're able to support and guide any youth member seeking to reach the summit of the mountain.

Program Jump Start Check List # 9

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