Reasonable Adjustments for Achievement Pathways

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Scouting is an inclusive, values based Movement. Our membership is open to all young people and adults who share the fundamental values of the Scout Movement.

In August 2020 Scouts Australia approved a new Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Standards which reaffirmed our commitment to ensuring that Scouting is truly open and accessible to all, better reflecting the composition of our communities.

“Scouts Australia will endeavour to provide reasonable adjustments to enable participation of people with disability on an equal basis as others. This may include… adaptations to delivery of the program and implementation of the award scheme, and supporting involvement of support people to assist with youth participation.”
(Scouts Australia D&I Standards, August 2020)

In response, Scouts Australia have produced the Reasonable Adjustments and the Achievement Pathways resource (Presented by Clare Hanley, National Diversity and Inclusion, Scouts Australia. Webinar 8 September 2021) providing guidance on how the delivery of the program and implementation of the award scheme can be adapted to enable participation of people with disability on an equal basis as others. 

Reasonable adjustments complements more general strategies used to create an accessible and inclusive environment and all parts of the Achievement Pathways can be adapted to suit the individual skills and capacity of youth members.

The key underlying principle when applying reasonable adjustments should be the personal progression of the youth member – Achievement Pathways should be challenging, and fun with any reasonable adjustment discussed and agreed with the Scout and their support people.

Key key points to when considering reasonable adjustment include: -

  • Members are eligible for reasonable adjustments if they have a disability, mental health condition or medical condition to enable them to participate in the program on the same basis as other Scouts.
  • 'On the same basis' means that Scouts with disabilities are provided with opportunities and choices that are comparable to those available to other Scouts without a disability.
  • An adjustment is ‘reasonable’ if it supports a Scout with a disability or health condition to participate in the program on the same basis as other Scouts and maintains the intent of the award.
  • Reasonable adjustments are relevant across all Sections, to all parts of the Achievement Pathways scheme - Program Essentials, Outdoor Adventure Skills, Special Interest  Areas and Peak Awards.
  • Types of adjustments could include adapting the physical environment (e.g. terrain, accommodation, transport), method (e.g. Group size, communication), modifying requirements (e.g. number or type of requirements for award), and level of assistance (e.g. support people, mobility equipment).
  • Don’t focus overly on a Scout’s diagnosis – focus on their capabilities and what they want to achieve.
  • Start with keeping the requirements of the award the same and look at how these can be achieved in a different way and/or with additional support, then adjust requirements if needed.
  • Focus on personal progression - Achievement Pathways should be Adventurous, fun, challenging, and inclusive.


Further support

  • Scouts Australia Program Handbook - includes specific content on reasonable adjustments.
  • Contact Christine Almaraz, State Commissioner - Diversity and Inclusion
    Christine can provide advice, and help facilitate contact with external experts if needed.
  • Contact your State Commissioner - Section.
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