Program Essentials - Introduction to Scouting

When a new member starts Scouting, they will be invested – this is a formal welcome to the movement and marks the beginning of their Scouting journey. In order to make sure the new person knows what to expect from Scouting, they will go through an Introduction to Scouting discussion. This discussion might take place over a number of weeks, or in one go. It’s important for the discussion to occur as part of experiencing the program first hand. This will allow the new Scout to fully understand what’s covered through the discussion. 

Introduction to Scouting discussions should involve the youth member, their peer mentor or Patrol Leader, and if needed, their adult leader. 

This isn’t an interview or test – the person may know very little about what Scouting involves. The person leading the discussion (youth or adult) should have a good understanding and will explain and discuss it all with the new member. 

The full details of what should be covered in this discussion are included in a discussion guide within each age section’s Youth Member Guide. 

In general, the discussion points include: 

  • The World Organization of the Scout Movement 
  • Scouting in Australia 
  • Our Scout Group 
  • The Scout Method 
  • Promise & Law 
  • Symbols, traditions and ceremonies 
  • Plan>Do>Review> 
  • Personal progression 
  • Investiture 

Once the Scout has completed their Introduction to Scouting, they’ll be invested in a special ceremony, and given the cloth badge of the World Organization of the Scout Movement to put on their uniform. This badge symbolises their membership to our global movement. 

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