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Program Essentials is about Scouts' active engagement in their Unit and Patrol's weekly Scout Program. We define Program Essential as the 'base camp' of all the aspects of the Achievement Pathways. Through active engagement Scouts are encourage to develop new skills and take on new challenges, and through this they will be recognised for their learning and development. It is important to remember as Scouts we aim to develop active citizens in the community, reflecting our SPICES and fulfilling the Purpose of Scouting.

The first step in Program Essentials is to complete the Introduction to Scouting (if a youth member is new to the Movement) and the Introduction to Section. These assist youth members to understand Scouting, to meet others in the Unit, and to set their initial goals for what they wish to get out of their time in Scouting and the section. These are completed before the new member is invested or re-affirms their Promise.

Program Essentials are then divided into a series of Milestones within each section. Each Milestone should take approximately 6-12 months, and recognises the active participation in the program with peers of the same age section, and personal development that has occurred during that time. It should not be viewed as something extra to work on, but rather represents the experience of participating in a weekly Scouting program.

There are two key elements to each Milestone in Program Essentials:

  • Participating, assisting and leading in the four Challenge Areas
  • Personal reflection at the completion of each Milestone.
  • This reflection should include
    • An assessment of how you developed through the utilisation of the SPICES and the Scout Method
    • What you actively did to make inclusion of others part of your program, and
    • Actions that you took to incorporate elements of the Scout Promise and Law.

It is expected that all Scouts will achieve the Program Essentials Milestones, regardless of their interest in exploring the rest of the Achievement Pathways elements. Program Essentials should always be tailored to individuals, with the individual demonstrating their personal development, providing their reflections and exhibiting their personal best during participating, assisting and leading. For a more in-depth understand of participating, assisting and leading in the age section, refer to Scouts | Terrain, Section Guide, Record Book or Program Handbook.

You can find more information about Program Essentials here.

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