Uniform Items & Their Symbolism

When presenting the new Scout with the various uniform items it is important to show them where to go such as safety pinning badges to their uniform, and explaining their symbolism.

Here are some explanations of common uniform items:

World Scout Emblem: Earnt by completing the Introduction to Scouting. It symbolises we are part of a world-wide movement of almost 60 million Scouts.

Australian flag badge: Symbolises that we are part of Australian Scouting, where there are over 70,000 members.

Region and/or District badge or tape: Shows which Region or District the Scout is a member of. Explain any special significance behind the design of the Region of District badge.

Group Scarf: The scarf is symbolic of Scouting across the globe. All Scouts wear a scarf, and much like a flag, the scarf indicates the Group or formation they belong to. Explain any special significance or history behind the design of the Group scarf.

Group name tape: Shows which Scout Group the Scout is a member of.

Introduction to Section badge: Earnt by completing the Introduction to Section , which indicates that the new Scout has learnt about their section.

Patrol Badge: Every Scout is a member of a Patrol. The Patrol Leader can present the new Scout with their Patrol badge explaining any significance.


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