Investiture Examples

The investiture ceremony should be special the Scout involved and indeed for your Group or Unit. In this respect, an investiture ceremony may be a little different for each Unit.

For that memorable investiture ceremony you might like to:

  • Hold the ceremony in a boat on a local lake or river
  • Use a historical Unit or Group flag
  • Use a natural light source such as a fire, candles or lanterns
  • Incorporate bushcraft or pioneering into the ceremony

Generally, the ceremony itself will follow typical proceedings like those mentioned earlier. These are some examples of how you might make it unique and special.


  • The Joey Scout Unit waits patiently, standing in circle-formation in a bush clearing
  • The new Joey Scout is led by their Mentor along a short path to the clearing through the scrub to meet them
  • The Mentor leads the investiture, with prompts as needed from the Joey Scout Leader.


  • The Rover Scout Unit stands on the summit of a prominent hill or mountain as the sun sets over the horizon
  • As part of the ceremony, the Unit Leader points out key community landmarks visible from the summit and reminds the new Rover Scout of their ongoing commitment to their local community
  • The Unit Leader then points in the direction of significant locations beyond the horizon, and challenges the Rover Scout to seek adventures in locations like these during their time in the Section.
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