Typical Proceedings

Unit stands at the alert in a circle or semi-circle with the adult and youth leaders together in a line at the front. The new Scout is brought forward by their mentor to stand facing them.

Unit Leader: [NAME], are you ready to join Scouting (for an investiture) and our [SECTION] Unit?

New Scout: Yes

Unit Leader: Unit, are we ready to support [NAME] as part of our Unit and to help [NAME] to discover adventure / create the path / explore the unknown / look wide / adventure beyond the horizon with us?

Unit: Yes!

Unit Leader: [MENTOR NAME] has [NAME] completed the Introduction to Scouting (if relevant) and Introduction to Section?

Mentor: Yes

Unit Leader: [NAME], remember the Australian Scout Promise is made by every Scout – by making / reaffirming our Promise we commit to live by it – it reminds us to be good Scouts and good people. Now that you have decided which version of the Australian Scout Promise you would like to [make/reaffirm], [NAME], are you ready?

New Scout: Yes

Unit Leader: [holding the Group / Unit flag between them, draped over a staff] [NAME] please place your left hand on the flag next to mine and make the Scout sign with your right hand.

Unit Leader: Everyone please make the Scout sign.

New Scout: [recites or repeats each line of chosen version of the Australian Scout Promise]

Unit Leader: [NAME], welcome to Scouting (for an investiture) and our [SECTION] Unit!


At this point members of the Unit (both adults and youth), as well as the new Scout’s mentor, present the new Scout with the various uniform items, show them where they go, and explain their symbolism.

After the presentation of uniform items, the new Scout shakes the left hand of youth and adult Leaders and their mentor, remembering any cultural requirements.

Unit Leader: [NAME], please turn and salute the Unit.

New Scout turns and salutes Unit, who salute back.

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