Core Features

We mentioned that the Investiture Ceremony should be one of the most special and memorable moments of a Scout’s time in the program and it's important that these core features are presented with sincerity and a sense of occasion.

  • The member making their Scout Promise – makes the Scout sign with their right hand and places their left hand on the Unit or Group flag
  • Other members of the Unit being present and involved
  • The ceremony is youth-led in a developmentally appropriate way
  • The presentation of new uniform items (such as membership badges, the Group scarf, Introduction to Scouting & Introduction to Section badges)
    • Note: some items will require program components to be completed before the investiture occurs
    • Have you invited your Group Leader?
  • The new member feeling part of something special!
  • The involvement of the new member’s peer mentor

The ceremony should not be drawn-out; 5 minutes is a good length of time.

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