Fundraising and Grants

Scout Groups fundraise for themselves and others – it’s integral to the ethos of Scouting.  This might mean fundraising for a charitable cause or your own hall maintenance and upgrades, or for subsidising membership fees and event attendance or new quality camping gear – the list goes on.

The following fact sheet outlines some of the options available to Scout Groups to raise funds via state coordinated activities plus other local level ideas for Groups to run with. It also outlines important aspects of fundraising by way of formal registrations and legalities and important considerations when seeking sponsorship with businesses.

Download fundraising fact sheet

Snapshot of fundraising ideas and activities for Groups and Formations:

  • Scout Monster Raffle
  • Grant for Groups
  • Christmas Trees sales
  • Local sponsorship from local business
  • Bunnings BBQ


Grants are an extremely valuable source of funding for Scout Groups. The following fact sheet outlines some of the opportunities that exist, the legalities and information that applies plus the processes involved, from grant application to final acquittal for successful funding.

Download grants for groups fact sheet

How to win more grants

  1. Adopt a strategic approach
  • Review – assess your Group’s needs
  • Search – check below list and related Local and State Government sites
  • Note - key dates
  • Refer - to our Grants for Groups fact sheet
  • Follow the process noted below for support/endorsement by Scouts Victoria
  1. Follow a results driven process
  • Application - Forward completed application to Scouts Victoria.
  • Agreement – when received from the funding body, forward the agreement to Scouts Victoria for required Executive Manager’s approval.
  • Funds Management – funds to be banked with Scouts Victoria. As a rule of thumb, if this is under $5,000, the full amount will be transferred to the formation. For amounts over $5,000, invoices will be paid by Scouts Victoria. Please note that this is not set in stone, we may vary this "rule" where it is appropriate.
  • Project – complete the project in line with grant agreement
  • Acquittal – on completion of project, the Executive Manager is required to sign/approve the report off. Sometimes in practice it is easier if the formation does this (usually when SmartyGrants is involved), so in this case provide acquittal to funding body and copy to Scouts Victoria.
  1. Use this head start!
  • Consider applying for Grants that other Groups have previously found successful, like the ones in the following list  

General Grants

Local Councils, normally two rounds a year. Contact your council for more info

Satterley Arcadia Community Grants Program, opens year round

More info

Freemasons Community Grant, open year round

More info, Freemasons apply on your behalf

Telstra Foundation Telstra Kids Fund, opens October

More info, for Telstra employees

Bendigo Bank Community Bank Sponsorship, ongoing

Contact your local branch for more info

RACV, opens from October to December every year

More info

Veterans Grants

Victoria Remembers, Department of Premier and Cabinet opens now until 12 February 2020

More info

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Fundraising Enquries

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