Watson Park Scout Camp

Bridal Rd, Tonimbuk VIC 3815

A Scout Camp recently rejuvenated by Mullumbimba Rover Unit and Boroondara District. Located among beautiful unspoilt forest areas, this is one of the few places where you can see three of Victoria's natural emblems (Helmeted Honeyeater, Common Heath, and Leadbeater's Possum) in the same spot!

Kurth Kiln Regional Park, Gumbaya World, Bunyip State Park, Gilwell Park

Off-grid hut accommodation with pumped water, composting toilet, wood heater, BBQ, stove, and LED lighting.

Six bunks plus areas suitable for camping using hike tents.


  • Hiking between Gilwell Park and Watson Park Scout Camp via Bunyip State Park.
  • Day trips to Gumbaya World available.
  • Guided horse riding tours available nearby and toured through Bunyip State Park and Kurth Kiln Regional Park.
  • Guided caving tours available in Labertouche.
  • Mountain biking trails in nearby parks.


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