• Whitehorse Showtime 2017

    Tickets now On Sale! Join Whitehorse Showtime 2017 as we trek through the Sands of Time and marvel at the adventures that await us. Experience the bustling markets of Ancient Egypt and the lavish parties of Viking housewives. Get an insight into a strange...

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  • Patrol Activity Camping - Treetops 2017

    Places are available for patrols on the following Patrol Activity camps at Treetops: 19-20 August, Science16-17 September, Tradies11-12 November, BushcraftFor more information or application forms contact:David ReeveState Leader Patrol Activity Camping-...

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  • June Patrol Camping - Rogaine Camp - Gilwell Park

    Seven Patrols participated in our 2017 June Rogaine Camp. On Saturday morning all Patrols collected tents, plus all the equipment from the Activity centre and then set up their camp utilising their campcraft skills. After lunch, all were given a briefing...

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  • April Patrol Camping - Environment Camp - Gilwell Park

    Scouts from Mount Waverley, Morwell and Sale participated in activities exploring Gilwell Park's different environments focusing on the importance of vegetation to local streams water quality and in providing sufficient habitat to support the numerous...

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