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In the New Program, Air Activities no longer has specific awards rather there are opportunities for individuals to undertake activities that might form part of a youth member's Growth & Development or STEM & Innovation Special Interest Areas.

Special Interest Areas (SIA) are broad, encouraging Scouts to pursue a diversity of interests and to ensure any activity a Scout could possibly think of can be included. Outcomes are always measured against an individual’s personal best. Scouts use Plan>Do>Review> to set and achieve their goals.

When proposing a SIA project, Scouts should take into account: 

  • their personal interests.
  • new challenges they want to explore or things they want to learn.
  • the skills they have and skills they may need to develop to achieve their goal.
  • their existing level of knowledge.
  • their experience and that of those around them who may be able to help them with their goal.
  • if they think they might need a Subject Matter Expert to help them with their goal.
  • which SIA category their project best fits into (keeping in mind there is overlap between some of the SIAs).

Unit Councils are best placed to assess the existing skills, knowledge and abilities of members to ensure they are being appropriately challenged by their proposed SIA project.
For more on the role of Unit Councils, see our SIA FAQs.

Air Activities offer a a few programs for Individual Scouts or as part of a unit's Flying Day that Scouts may use as part of building their own SIA project. These programs include 

There are also online options available or under development, more information can be found at Scouting at Home.

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