Level 3 Air Activity

Level 3 is based on the old Explorer Level Air Activities Target Badge. A Scout must complete all of the requirements for No’s. 1 to 3, together with one part from No. 4. Expected duration approximately 1.5 hours.

  1. Recognition
    1. Be able to recognise by sight eight different types of aircraft and know their function.
  2. Weather
    1. Explain how the three types of weather can have an effect on:
      • the flight performance of an aircraft
      • take-off and landing of an aircraft
    2. Have a knowledge of weather pattern in your geographical area
    3. Find out the difference in the terms “ground speed” and “air speed”, and how they relate to headwinds and tailwinds.
  3. Theory - Demonstrate an elementary knowledge of:
    1. the principles governing the theory of flight
    2. the use in an aircraft of an airspeed indicator, altimeter and magnetic compass
    3. how to read and apply the 24-hour clock and the phonetic alphabet
    4. the movable control surfaces of an aircraft and be able to describe their function (e.g. rudder, elevators, ailerons, flaps and trim tab).
  4. Activity - draw a map showing the location of the following after visiting an aerodrome:
    1. location of hangars
    2. control tower (if any)
    3. runways, taxiways, and tarmac
    4. wind socks, and the direction of the prevailing wind
    5. fuel stores
    6. navigation aids, and
    7. emergency facilities

Activity Materials

The following worksheets which be used on the day. Please complete the Pre-Activity Assignment.

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