Level 6 Air Activity (Venturer)

Level 6 is is designed for individual or small groups of Venturers seeking to use aviation for their Venturer Awards. The program is structured to meet the 10 hour requirement .

The core program consists of three core sessions and one additional if required:

  • Session 1 – face-to-face
    • Part 1 - Basic Aeronautical Knowledge including principles of flight, weather and navigation. (This is based on the Explorer and Adventurer Level Scout Target Badges) – about 2.5 to 3.0 hours
    • Part 2 - Plan a Cross Country Flight (work through an example “Hike in the Sky. We start by looking at a route and the considerations for hiking that route and possible alternate routes. Then we look at the considerations flying the same route. While we are at it we introduce the aviation charts, sources of aviation weather information, and how to decode aviation weather information, and then the steps involved in calculating the time to fly the route). – about 3.0 to 3.5 hours
  • Session 2 – “homework”
    • Part 3 - Plan a Cross Country Flight (using the knowledge and materials provided during Part 2, plan a flight over another route based on the forecast that day. If the weather is unsuitable state the reasons why and redo on another day until you get a day with suitable weather). – about 2.0 to 3.0 hours
    • Part 4 – Submit you plans for review, make corrections / amendments if required). – about 0.5 hours
  • Session 3 – “Advanced Introductory Flight”
    • Part 5 – Undertake the “Effects of Controls” flight lesson with an instructor, if you have a logbook you will be able to record this as your first flight training time. Total time for briefing before the flight, instructional flight, an then debrief will be about 1.5 hours.
  • Session 4 – “Extra activities”
    • If you managed to complete in under 10 hours we will cover the theory required to obtain an aircraft radio operators certificate – phonetic alphabet, radio procedures, etc.
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