Level 1 Air Activity (Joeys and Cub Scouts)

Level 1 is a an activity for non-flying participants which may interest a wide range of youth members especially Joeys and younger Cub Scouts.

In line with "Plan > Do > Review", the program will be tailored to the requirements of requesting unit. Possible elements of the program could include:

  • A 'walkaround' of a light aircraft looking inside at the flight instruments and controls, outside at the engine and all the moving surfaces including ailerons, elevators, and rudders, and discussion how all these work together to enable flight
  • An 'airfield' walk out to the windsock passing by the refueling area looking at the various signs and markings on runways and taxiways
  • Make 'peg planes'
  • A flight using a simulator
  • A visit to the nearby the nearby Australian National Aviation Museum which has a range of historical civilian and military aircraft and engines on display.
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