Level 2 Air Activity

Level 2 is based on the requirements of the old Pioneer Air Activities Target Badge. A Scout must complete all of the requirements for No’s. 1 to 3, together with one part from No. 4. Expected duration approximately 1.5 hours including 30 min flight activity.

  1. Recognition
    Be able to recognise by sight four different types of aircraft and know their function.
  2. Weather
    1. Explain how the three types of weather can have an effect on the flight performance of an aircraft.
    2. Be able to recognise four signs of changes in the weather in your local area.
  3. Basic Aircraft Knowledge
    1. Know the difference between a monoplane and a biplane.
    2. Using a model or pictures of an aircraft describe the following parts: fuselage, mainplane, tailplane, undercarriage, leading edge, trailing edge, rudder, aileron, tailfin, flaps, trimtab.
  4. Activity - complete one of the following:
    1. by visiting an aerodrome find out:
      1. who owns the airfield
      2. how many runways there are
      3. what the runway compass directions are
      4. what and where the windsock is
      5. what colour the runway markers are. OR
    2. Construct both:
      1. a glider (hand launched) which can fly for ten seconds
      2. a rubber-band powered model which can fly for 30 seconds. One model of each type required and the use of a kit is permitted. OR
    3. Have a flight in a light aircraft or glider or hot air balloon.

Activity Materials

The following worksheet will be be used on the day.

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