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Cuboree - September 25-29 2023

CUBOREE 2023 has now finished! Congratulations to the 3,500 Cub Scouts and 1,500 Leaders, Venturers, Rovers and adults who attended and had an amazing 5 days and 4 nights camping at Gilwell Park.

A Cuboree is a massive camp over five days and four nights, held every three years for Cub Scouts.

Cubs camp out with their Leaders and parent helpers, and engage in a challenging activity program plus night-time entertainment.

A Cuboree is like a Jamboree for Scouts, but, while Jamborees are national or international events, Cuborees are State-based.

Cuboree is one of the biggest Cub Scout events in the world. More than one hundred times bigger than a typical school camp.

The next Cuboree is planned for September 2026.

Cub Capers - Activity Camp

Provided by an experienced team at Clifford Park Activity Centre.

The number of participants is limited to 36 Cub Scouts. Any number from a Cub Scout Unit may participate. Adults are required to attend at the ratio of one adult/Leader per six Cub Scouts. Each camp operates to a ‘Theme’ and participants are encouraged to dress accordingly.

All participants are accommodated in cabins which are carpeted, heated or fan cooled. All meals and activities are included in the cost. Information for camps and application forms via