The Adventurous Journey

Undertaken after commencement of Milestone 3

Should present a real adventure – something challenging and exciting

Scouts may choose from a range of different methods of movement – doesn’t have to be walking!

Can adjust the duration or increase level of support to enable a Scout to undertake the journey.

Discussion: What examples have you seen/heard of adventurous journeys being adjusted to meet different individual capabilities?

Example of reasonable adjustments:


Tyler is a Scout, and has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He tires easily and has restricted movement on his right side.

For his Explorer hike (adventurous journey) Tyler opted for a 30km bike hike. He spread it out across 3 days, and
the Unit had a support vehicle on hand for when he needed a rest.

Caitlin is a Venturer with a vision impairment. For her expedition the Unit Council helped organise large print maps, and nominated one person to provide additional support with navigation and map reading.

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