Achieving the Peak Award

All Scouts should have access to completing the Peak Award.

The intent of the Peak Award is to encourage Scouts to try a whole range of different things.

Wherever possible, adjustments should be made to each element of the Peak Award as needed, rather than adjusting the requirements of the Award itself.

Adjustments to the requirements can be made in some circumstances where these are seen as necessary to make the peak award achievable. This should be done in consultation with your State Commissioner - Diversity & Inclusion lead through your State Commissioner - Youth Program. They will also seek assistance from the National Commissioner Youth Program.

Consulting on reasonable adjustments

It is good practice to consult with the Scout, Leaders and Parents/Guardians before making a reasonable adjustment.

Other people, such as your local Diversity and Inclusion Branch Team, specialist advisers and other health professionals and advocates, may be consulted too.

All participants share information about the Scout’s needs and consider the best way to meet them while balancing the needs of others. Confidentiality must be observed.

Consultation allows everyone to explore possible solutions; they are not held simply to rubber stamp a decision that has already been made.

It is good practice for consultations about reasonable adjustments to consider the following questions.

  • Are the adjustments necessary? What does the Scout think?
  • Will the adjustments enable the Scout to participate, or access the activities and events on the same basis as other Scouts?
  • Do the adjustments respond to the Scout’s needs, abilities and interests?
  • Is further advice required?
  • Are there other adjustments that would be as beneficial for the Scout but less disruptive or intrusive for others?
  • When will the impact of the adjustments be reviewed?
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