Outdoor Adventure Skills

A broad range of Outdoor Adventure Skills can be gained in Scouting, with each skill area structured around 9 stages.

Outdoor Adventure Skills are competency based, for most Scouts this should be adhered to.

Adaptions can be made to cater for individual impairments, including the use of adapted or additional equipment, support people, or adapting the context or circumstances of an adventure.

Stages 5 and above are aligned with VET qualifications. While some adjustments can be made there is less scope for this if the Scout is wanting to receive the VET qualification.

If for some reason a Scout cannot complete a particular required qualification, such as CPR within first aid, the Scout should do as much as they can.

Examples: Outdoor Skill adaptions

- Seth is blind and uses a white cane.
- When bush walking his Unit has learnt that one guide is suitable for easy terrain, but two guides are needed for
difficult terrain.
- They also double the estimated time taken to complete the walk.

- Lachlan has ADHD and intellectual disability.
- His family spends extra time talking through activities beforehand so he knows what to expect.
- The Unit also makes sure he has particular jobs that he is responsible for to help him stay focused.

Outdoor Adventure Skills – Stage 5 and above

It is more challenging to make adaptions, particularly for people with physical disabilities.

More adjustments can be made in the Core areas (bushcraft, bushwalking and camping)

E.g. Stage 5 bushwalking requirement: “I have taken part in two bush walks, one of which is two nights that I have led without Leaders attending”.

Stage 6 bushwalking requirement: “I have bushwalked at least 100kms by end of stage six, including at least 4 overnight bush walks.”

This can be adjusted to something that is suitably challenging for the individual. Key is personal progression between levels.

In contrast, some specialist badges may be more difficult to adapt. E.g. Stages 6 and above cross-country skiing. Need to be able to physically ski to complete the badge.

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