General Tips

Reasonable adjustment applies to all elements of the Achievement Pathways, Program Essentials (Introduction to Scouting, Introduction to Section, and Milestones: participate, assist, lead), Outdoor Adventure Skills, Special Interest Areas and Peak Awards.

Achievement Pathways

Across all Sections, youth members participate in a personal progression suitable for their age group.

The emphasis is on the youth member’s own interests and personal growth.

Pathways cover dozens of topics and hundreds of badges to cater for young minds, eager to learn and explore.

The progression in each Section culminates in a peak award, which has been designed to challenge youth members, but still be achievable for those willing to put in additional effort.

General tips in identifying reasonable adjustments for the achievement pathways

Don’t focus overly on a Scout’s diagnosis – focus on their capabilities and what they want to achieve.

Start with keeping the requirements of the award the same, and look at how these can be achieved in a different way and/or with additional support, then adjust requirements if needed.

Focus on personal progression.

Manage confidentiality and role of the Unit Council.

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